Sfera Post is an audio post-production house with highly qualified and creative audio experts dedicated to deliver exceptionally immersive cinematic audio experiences.
We cover all post-production services using our own cutting-edge audio technology.

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Paul Benjamin

Creator & Writer of Kicks & Losers
Like Father Films

"When I first heard the quality of immersion
from the Sfera 3D audio engine,
I instantly knew it was the sound
that my series needed." 

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Deco Dawson

Writer & Director of Diaspora
Produced by Eagle Vision Inc.

"When I heard the first sample of Sfera 3D
in some preliminary outputs for Diaspora
I was blown away and knew right away
the potential for the software.
I instantly wished I could go back and
reshoot  my whole film, planning for Sfera
3D sound from the beginning! During all
post we would revisit scenes, imagining
how we could move sounds from not only
left and right, but behind, above, below and
from rear and far.
Sfera needs to be heard to be believed!"

            Toronto - Vancouver - Amsterdam