The Evolution of Sound

New Realities

Media is no longer a centralized and fixed experience confined to a commercial theatre, but something audiences could engage with at the convenience of their homes using any smart device. With online platforms and user engagement growing rapidly, we decided to adapt to the change in audio streaming technologies to amplify the consumption of media in the future through immersive sound.

Our Proposal

Sfera Post is a global network of highly qualified and creative audio experts, dedicated to producing exceptional immersive cinematic sound experiences for the streaming media.

Sfera Post merges disruptive 3D sound technology with a robust network of highly qualified audio experts, producing tailored visceral 3D audio expertise for all streaming platforms.

Our Vision

Sfera Sound represents the movement of sound traveling above and below, and a full 360 degrees of circulation throughout the stereo spectrum using 3-Dimensional spacing utilized during Post-Production. 


We think that any reproduction of life, captured by film, music, video, and any audio recording, is a 'temporary suspension of disbelief' in that it exalts the audience an alternate reality. However at Sfera Post, to realize this great escape, we exercise the appropriate tools with the technical and creative expertise of talented audio engineers to shape convincing experiences that captivate the audience with pristine sound.

Our Vision


Sfera is an innovative and versatile sound technology developed in exclusivity by Timber 3D that combines binaural principles with Timber’s proprietary spatial techniques.


With the Sfera 3D Engine, you can position or move any sound around the listener with absolute control adding a huge degree of presence and spatial depth to the sound design delivering full cinematic sound in Stereo.


Sfera Creative is dedicated to providing Post-Production Audio Services for filmmakers and a variety of other types of audio production formats.

Sfera Post is global network of highly qualified and creative audio experts, dedicated to producing exceptional immersive cinematic sound experiences for the streaming media.


As a producer or audio engineer, your ambition is dedicated to creating immersive experiences for your audience wherever they consume media.

Using the Sfera 3D Engine, you now have the freedom to produce visceral sound on all streaming platforms.

Sfera 3D Engine is our proprietary state-of-the-art technology that delivers immersive surround sound on any streaming platform without the need for any decoder, third-party hardware, and/or excess fees.


Selecting the right team of audio professionals to efficiently execute the desired sound narrative requires a special level of expertise.


Our team of professionals are dedicated to mastering your sound to create captivating audio experiences that create a lasting impression with your audience.

Cutting down costs and increasing convenience while delivering outstanding quality in stereo has always been the goal.


Our team carefully crafts 3D cinematic audio to emulate the best multi-channel surround sound for online audiences wherever they stream media.

Giving access to visceral theatre quality surround sound for Post-Production and audiences everywhere without the conditions of expensive hardware or reliance on multi-speaker configuration. Just stereo.