A  revolutionary audio conversion from theatrical to stereo


Give us your final theatrical mix stems, and we'll process them into surround sound for your headphones with zero loss of quality.

Send us your final surround mix

Once the theatrical mix is finished, send us the final mixed stem for each surround channel.

Sfera 3D Processing

In no time we'll process the surround mix into stereo using our proprietary Sfera 3D audio engine. We will then implement the necessary adjustments to reproduce the original theatrical mix in virtual surround stereo.

Simple Pricing

We charge a fixed amount per minute of footage.

Contact us to discuss your price.


Your audience will enjoy the Sfera 3D virtual surround mix anywhere

In less than 3 days you'll receive your new Sfera 3D stereo mix. Sfera 3D virtual surround works on any pair of headphones, and is compatible with any stereo speaker devices. No special equipment or decoders are required.

Just hear the difference

between a theatrical downmix to stereo vs Sfera 3D virtual surround processing.

Screenshot 2022-05-10 at 18.32.57.png

Paul Beniamin 

Creator & Writer of Kicks & Losers

Like Father Films

"When I first heard the quality of immersion from the Sfera 3D audio engine, I instantly knew it was the sound my series needed.”


Deco Dawson 

Writer & Director of Diaspora.

Produced by Eagle Vision Inc

"When I heard the first sample of Sfera 3D in some preliminary outputs for Diaspora I was blown away and knew right away the potential for the software. I instantly wished I could go back and reshoot my whole film, planning for Sfera 3D sound from the beginning! During all of Post we would revisit scenes, imagining how we could move sounds from not only left to right but behind, above, below and from near and far. Sfera needs to be heard to be believed!”


Daniel Pellerin

Music/FX Editor & Supervisor

Re-Recording Mixer

Creative and Technical Consultant

"Sfera Post has created an incredible opportunity in audio Post-Production with its revolutionary 3D process. This will change everything in terms of how we integrate immersive soundscapes into our current standard formats.”

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