In The Beginning
"I felt like I could see it with my ears, if that makes any sense"
 "Sounds are all around me! I was completely immersed".
"This was like sitting in a movie theatre"   
" It was like I was actually there".

Audience Reactions

Use of Headphones/earbuds are REQUIRED to experience the full immersive 3D audio experience. 
Mixed with Sfera 3D Audio engine developed by Timber 3D
Daniel Samaan ( Owner of SonusPro and Co-Founder of Sfera Post )  Writer/Producer/Director/Audio Engineer.
Andro Morcos Co-Writer.  Ray Guirguess  Music Composer.  Fadi Ghali  Actor.
Olivia Botros  Script Editor/Actress.  Father Samuel Zaki  Biblical Narrative Review.
Pierre Fanous  The Narrator.  Jordi Alba  3D Audio Consultant.
SonusPro Studio Audio Production.  3D Audio Production Sfera Sound Post Alliance
Sfera 3D Audio Engine provided by Timber 3D

3D audio technology is powered by 

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