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Sfera Sound Post Alliance (Sfera Post) is a global network of highly qualified and creative audio experts, dedicated to producing exceptional immersive cinematic audio experiences for the streaming media using sophisticated 3D sound engineering tech.

How does it work?


Let us know why you would like to join our Alliance. Be sure to tell us about your experience and any recent work you feel will be relevant for us to have a look. We are looking for passionate sound people that want to deliver awesome sound in streaming. 

Trial & Training

If you are a good fit we will contact you to send a package with Sfera 3D audio technology and  we will work with you directly to ensure that you are set up for success and have a dedicated Sfera Post mentor to walk you through the tech and limitless creative possibilities.


After a month-long free trial, we will review your work and projects that you did with Sfera and your Mentor . Based on your ability to harness the Sfera 3D Engine, we will determine your fit for our global alliance. 


As a Sfera Post member, you will have access to global markets, competitive creative technology, and diverse networks with top-tier industry experts.

You heard it here first. Why settle for last?


Our Value

Enjoy in an exclusive way the best 3D audio tech developed in Netherlands by Timber 3D with an unparalleled sound quality, probably one of the best in the world. With Sfera you'll be able to deliver full cinematic sound in any stereo device. 

We’re license-free, which means you pay per project. Allowing you to enable your creativity fluidly while differentiating from competitors.

When you join Sfera Post, you are tapping into global markets, competitive creative technology, and diverse networks with top-tier industry experts to elevate your projects and capabilities. 



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