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a movie theatre experience on the go 

It's a fact that nowadays the majority of consumers are listening to their entertainment on stereo speakers and headphones using various devices. But, most of the content is mixed in surround to provide audiences for the best theatrical experience. 

However, going from surround sound to stereo with a regular fold down is a far cry from the intended experience.

Sfera Post has the solution to keep that same cinematic quality in stereo.

Sfera Post introduces a revolutionary new spacial audio process that enhances
your folded down stereo file to sound just like your original 5.1 theatrically mix
ed project. This means that you can actually hear the rear speakers like they're physically behind you, but in stereo... Let that sink in.

Now your streaming audience will hear it all!


There is no loss of quality, no phasing issues on any kind of speakers, and no special headphones or software requirements.

Just a simple stereo output.

Just send us your
final surround mix

Once the theatrical mix is ready, send us the final mixed stem for each surround channel and we will prepare the conversion. We developed an innovative audio engine that delivers matchless cinematic quality in any stereo device. 

Sfera Post

In no time we'll process the surround mix into stereo using our proprietary Sfera 3D audio engine, and also we will implement the necessary adjustments to reproduce the original theatrical mix in stereo.

Simple Pricing
Fast delivery

We charge a fixed amount per minute of footage.

In a couple of days you'll get your Virtual Surround mix version ready to be aired.

Contact us to discuss your price and specifics.

Your audience will
now hear it all!


In less than 3 days you'll receive a stereo file. No special equipment or decoders are required. The mix is aimed for headphones but could

work on regular speakers too.

Just one stereo mix for all to enjoy cinematic sound on the go!

Just hear the difference

between a theatrical downmix to stereo vs Sfera 3D virtual surround processing.

Keep a Modest Head is a Canadian short documentary film, directed by Deco Dawson and released in 2012.  The film is a tribute to Jean Benoît, a Canadian artist often credited as "the last surrealist". The film premiered at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, where it won the Toronto International Film Festival Award for Best Canadian Short Film. TIFF subsequently named the film to its year-end Canada's Top Ten list of short films. The film was a shortlisted Canadian Screen Award finalist for Best Short Documentary Film at the 1st Canadian Screen Awards. The film was originally mixed in 5.1 and uses the surround techniques to totally immerse the audience in a whimsical story to illustrate the life of Jean Benoît, the last official member of the highly influential Surrealist group. This is an excerpt.

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